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After years of teaching and training, we decided to put our best notes into publication. We carefully selected topics that may very well end up in your commercial ready apps; or even demo apps that you play around to sharpen your skills. Now you can own a piece of our dedication towards programming via online purchase. We give you options to pay with Credit Card, PayPal, wire transfer or even the good old cash.

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Our development experience goes way back in the 90s. Tell us what you need, it’s going to be the best ever.

Each time we’re engaged in development projects, the first thing that comes to mind is how it’s going to present itself in the hands of the user. At the same time, it needs to project exactly what our client envisions. To achieve both, our team constantly sends prototype versions for testing to get feedbacks.

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We have a couple of forms that you can choose from. Whether you're planning to buy a book, join a class, request for a group training, or for a personal coaching. Fill up your details and requirements and send it to us

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Once we receive your request, an email with payment instructions will be sent to you. You may choose to pay via wire transfer, credit card or Paypal. Our online services and convenient and fast.

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Once a payment is done, we will either ship your books to you, or we will send a confirmation email about your class schedule, seating arrangement, course outline, and other relevant details.

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Part of the reason we learn new skill
is to secure our livelihood.

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Highly professional support will answer all your questions
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As an FMCG company, we always faced a tough competition in our field of market. It gotten only better since 2012.

Anna johnson CEO – Media Wiki

Since I’m not a real programmer I love to use these already made and beautifully made templates. They are available at very affordable prices and they save you a lot of time, a lot of sweat and tears!

Marcel Vossen Designer

When my boss asked me to choose the theme for our corporate blog, I was lost in all the glitter… But eventually, based on other reviews and some killer features I’ve chosen this one!

Bryan Thompson Designer

weekend workshops

Build your own
Mobile Apps

Create Android and iOS Apps and Games in just a day

Times are changing and you need specific skills to stay in the game. We know you don’t have weeks or months to learn. So we designed day classes that suits your busy schedule