If you’re a code nerd or a newbie, Tracdisk is the best place for you to learn. Our Master Trainers, will train you in the ways of the force.
Our elite team of developers have built Web and Mobile based systems since 2001 both locally and internationally. Civil, Education, Engineering, Medical, even Oil & Gas. We did it all.
If you’re short on manpower or simply want to let our expert hands manage your processes, come and talk to us.

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We’re Dedicated To Our Clients (that means you!)

Simply put, we thrive on making our services as the Best in the market.

Established in 2012, Tracdisk Technogreen Sdn Bhd (983536-M) is dedicated to expanding coding skills to everyone regardless of their background. But if hands-on development isn’t enough, were more than capable to bring our experience to your doorstep via development or business process outsourcing.
We have a strong training team from various fields in the Education industry, as well as a group of international developers with deep involvement in Engineering, Medical and Security projects.
To become the leading, innovative company in the education and IT industry, especially in the fields of mobile and web development.
Whether you’re a man, woman or child, everybody in this country should learn how to code.
Our company operates in accordance with the highest standard in all relationship with customers, suppliers, environment and the community.
Quality, not quantity is our mantra. Which is why we only focus on one project at a time to ensure timely completion, while maintaining our utmost reputation in delivering the best product ever.

Our Products & Services

  • Professional Mobile & Web Development Training Courses
  • Weekend Mobile & Web Development Workshops
  • Step-by-Step Tutorial Books
  • Game Jam Competition
  • Computer Science Tuition for Secondary School Students
  • Mobile & Web Development and Maintenance Outsourcing Service.
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