About us

New Product - New Business!

Digital presence is a must for your business to stand tall with the current times. There is no Plan B

During the last couple of years, we’ve noticed a huge change in how businesses are done. Starting with items being advertised and sold in blogs, then social media and finally mobile apps owned by individual business owners. But the trend doesn’t end there. Social Media providers such as Facebook and Youtube are providing channels for business owners to sell via live video feed. All you need now is a method for buyers to reach us 24/7 and make purchases at the touch of a finger.

Our advantages:

Mobile Development

We've been on the mobile development bandwagon since 2010. Believe us when we say we know what you need.

Web Development

Websites and eCommerce sites have been a staple and they're not going away. We've built hundreds if not thousands of websites since 2006


Not only are we good at development, but we're also experienced at training you on how to manage your existing website and mobile app.


Number of Malaysians who are browsing the Internet with their mobile phones


Number of Malaysians who are buying things online from their laptop or desktop


Number of Malaysians who are comfortable with mobile and online purchase

Our team:


Passionate and full of vision, Fariz will do everything in his power to push your business to the edge of the current business trend.


Accomplished 3D animator, Zahir has the know how to re-brand your business to suit the needs of the current generation.


Our in-house Legal Advisor will assist you on how to stay safe during any business transaction be it offline or online.

We’re absolutely delighted if you could take some time and give us a call. We have the expertise to help propel your business in the digital world


A:  Tracdisk Technogreen Sdn Bhd is Malaysian company registered with the Ministry of Finance, with focus on IT related software development and training. Established on March 2012, Tracdisk has the vision of helping other businesses start their online and mobile presence quickly, while allowing them to focus their energy on day to day business operations.

A:  Since 2015, we have published two books, namely ‘Step-by-Step Android Tutorial’ and ‘Step-by-Step GameSalad Tutorial’. Both books were written based on class notes what we have been using and updating since 2012. We have monitored development trends, and we chose only tutorials and source codes that will end up in your production ready mobile apps, as opposed to easier but useless codes such as playing 8-bit doodles.

A:  Our biggest and most notable websites would be the Total Asset Management System built for Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (HUKM) and Wellhead Management System for BH Petrol in London and OiLSERV in Iraq. Our notable mobile app development was for Syarikat Perumahan Nasional Berhad (SPNB) and Solat Now.

A:  Since February 2013, we have conducted around two to three 5-day corporate classes each month until today. Topics that we teach include Android, Angular, Bootstrap, C#, Coldfusion, Cordova, GameSalad, iOS, Ionic, Java, JavaScript, Joomla, jQuery, Kotlin, Liferay, MySQL, Oracle Business Intelligence, Penetration Testing, PhoneGap, Php, Swift, WordPress and Xamarin.

A:  IT is our passion. We have been doing our magic since 2006, and we’re not showing and signs of slowing down. We have seen so much and have been through different stages of the digital divide that we’re now the perfect answer to your question of where to find the best IT-related service provider in Malaysia.